Proteins: choosing the right ones for your nutrition concepts

Proteins are key ingredients in sports nutrition formulations. Plant-based or animal proteins, casein or whey, isolate, etc. Which proteins are best suited to your product? Read our article to find out. Proteins: definition and roles In the nutrition market, several products are protein-based. Used in several areas, the most relevant segment...

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Joint care

Joint disorders are difficult to live with and affect both older and younger people. Learn more about joint disorders in our article on joint care and how to develop nutraceutical solutions to improve joint comfort and well-being. Joints: What do you know about them? Joints connect the bones in our...

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Preventive nutrition for senior citizens

The senior citizens market is growing strongly in all sectors. A McKinsey study1 indicates that 60% of the increase in consumption by 2030 would be driven by senior citizens aged 60 and over. The health and nutrition segment is not immune to this trend. JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT also saw strong growth...

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Sports nutrition: an opportunity for nootropic products

Nootropics, a new application in sports nutrition The sports nutrition market has grown considerably over the past decade. Brands want to bring new product opportunities to consumers, and to do this they invest in innovating beyond traditional product uses (building muscle mass, fat burning, recovery, etc.). To innovate, all of...

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Vitamin D3 and immunity

The literature is abundant on the benefits of vitamin D. It is involved in the proper functioning of the bone capital, but also of immunity. Studies show in particular beneficial effects on respiratory infections. In the current context of the Covid19 health crisis, consumers are moving more towards food supplements,...

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“Elimination” diets

When it comes to the customisation of personal nutrition, elimination diets are the latest trend. These diets, which eliminate certain nutrients, foods or food groups, are down to consumers wanting to improve their digestive health, but they can also be motivated by ethical or religious beliefs or a desire to...

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How to formulate Sports Nutrition products?

Sports nutrition products are becoming increasingly technical and specific. They need to meet the specific nutritional requirements of sportspersons, helping them to perform and optimising their recovery. Decisive choices must be made in terms of formulation ingredients, matrix, dosage form and also manufacturer, right from the outset in development specifications....

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Plant proteins – all well and good…. but what about the taste ?

Focus on plant proteins. The sector is expanding rapidly but faces a real challenge. The products currently available are not entirely satisfactory in terms of taste and sensation in the mouth. In response to this, our R&D team has developed new formulations from which we have created a range of...

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