12 Oct 2020 | Science

Sports nutrition: an opportunity for nootropic products

Nootropics, a new application in sports nutrition

The sports nutrition market has grown considerably over the past decade. Brands want to bring new product opportunities to consumers, and to do this they invest in innovating beyond traditional product uses (building muscle mass, fat burning, recovery, etc.).

To innovate, all of an athlete’s needs must be taken into consideration. Looking after not only their muscles… But also their brains! There is an application which is as yet little-developed in nutraceuticals: mental and cognitive preparation, along with sports stress management. A new product category is emerging: nootropic dietary supplements.

They are gaining a place in the sports nutrition market due to their ability to increase motivation, intensify training and help athletes to concentrate 1.

Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that stimulate the brain, with the ultimate aim of improving cognitive performance. Nootropics work on the brain in different ways, particularly as regards improving memory, attention, concentration, alertness, motivation, mood, stress resistance and relaxation 1. The term nootropic was coined by chemist and psychologist Dr Corneliu Giurgea in 1972.


Sports nutrition brands have already seized the opportunity to develop nootropic supplements such as NOOMIND, H+NOOTROPICS, KETOWORLD , NETRELITE and Endless.



How do nootropics work? 

Mode of action

Nootropics act in several ways. They make it possible to adjust the information received by neurons and the availability of neurotransmitters such as dopamine or serotonin. They also promote brain oxygenation by increasing the secretion of neurotrophic factors that improve brain plasticity conducive to learning, as well as other cellular mechanisms.


Fields of application

Nootropics offer plenty of sports nutrition applications:


Nootropic ingredients and substances

There are many nootropic ingredients and/or substances, a few of which are listed below:


How to develop nootropic supplements

Choosing good nootropic ingredients

You should select active ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective. It is likewise essential to ensure that the ingredients are proven to have no side effects and that their safety is fully confirmed. They must be proven to be non-toxic and free from doping, stimulating or sedative effects. And lastly, prioritise traced-origin ingredients, much demanded by athletes who want natural solutions for optimising their performance without any doping risk.

Choosing the right dosage form

Nootropic supplements can come in capsule, powder or liquid form. The “drink” option is very popular because it meets athletes’ expectations perfectly, contributing to their hydration and used as a substitute for coffee or energy drinks by some.

Choosing the right manufacturer

Since 2001, JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT has been supporting sports nutrition and food supplement brands in the development and manufacture of their products. A leader in trends and innovation, JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT is at your disposal to discuss your dietary and nutraceutical projects.



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