27 Jul 2020 | JLB News | Science

Vitamin D3 and immunity

The literature is abundant on the benefits of vitamin D. It is involved in the proper functioning of the bone capital, but also of immunity. Studies show in particular beneficial effects on respiratory infections.
In the current context of the Covid19 health crisis, consumers are moving more towards food supplements, with a growing concern to improve their immune defences. These specifically formulated products can make a preventive contribution to immune balance.
JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT develops different forms and galenics with vitamin D supplements for its customers’ brands. We use the vegetable form D3 (cholecalciferol) which is more effective than the D2 form, but also highly oxidizable. This is why it requires protection with antioxidants.
The optimal dose of exogenous vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) intake for an adult varies according to his physiological condition and also the time of year (around 2000 IU in summer, and 5000 IU in winter because there is less sunshine). Indeed, vitamin D is synthesized naturally by our metabolism under the effect of UV rays, except in infants and it decreases in people over 65 years old.
JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT has launched galenics for its customers in dropper bottles, pipette bottles and mouth sprays of 15 to 30 ml based on natural and vegetable vitamin D3.
In oily form, we combine natural active ingredients, such as vitamin E for its antioxidant protection, and vitamin K2 for its action on bone capital. The concentrations per daily use dose vary from 200 to 1000 IU.
Our packaging lines enable us to respond quickly to your projects for this type of product.

Do not hesitate to ask us to develop a vitamin D3 for your brand, which will certainly be one of the flagship products at the beginning of September.

Want to know more?

Find below scientific data on the effect of vitamin D supplementation on respiratory tract infections: a meta-analysis and review.

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