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Contract manufacturer of health nutrition products

Are you seeking an experienced contract manufacturer in health nutrition? Our expertise covers the ENT sphere, hive products, women’s health, immunity, digestion and transit, and more broadly, the energy and vitality of the body.

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Health products that meet the requirements of naturalness

Vitality, immunity, joint health, respiratory health, sleep, and beauty…
For all these product focuses, we design solutions that meet the naturalness requirements sought by consumers.


Dietary supplements to support the immune system (plants, vitamins, royal jelly, innovative active ingredients with clinical studies).


Formulation of nutritional products for vitality, energy, dynamism, and combating fatigue.

Women's health

Relieving at all ages: premenstrual syndrome, painful periods, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause…

Digestion and transit

Combating digestive discomfort, improving intestinal mobility, rebalancing intestinal flora.

ENT sphere and respiratory health

Helping to navigate through the winter seasons and seasonal changes. Soothing the airways. Beehive products.

Single or bulk packaging

Bottles, single doses, sprays, droppers, jars or sachets. We offer a wide range of customizable packaging options. We are attentive to your needs and conduct feasibility studies for your specific packaging, overwrapping, or POS requests.

Our dedicated team carries out a personalized study according to your specifications.

We are recognized for our expertise in flavoring and our commitment to quality

Taste and texture are as important as the list of ingredients

Quality and safety are at the heart of our concerns

ISO 22000 Food Safety
Aromatic expertise
Practicality of use
Expertise Clean Label and naturalness
Vegan offering
Made in France
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fully customizable packaging lines

Health Nutrition and Seniors: How to Approach Nutriprevention?

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