Putting faces to JLB experts


Blog - 12.21.2021

Putting faces to JLB experts

JLB DEVELOPPEMENT is a manufacturer of health and sports nutrition products. We offer a complete service to our customers.

Get to know our team in these interviews.

Aline VEROT, Supply Chain Manager

Hello, Aline. Could you please introduce yourself briefly? Hello, my name is Aline Verot, and I have been working with JLB since April 2019 as the Supply Chain Manager in the company’s Supply Chain Department. Before that I worked for the Lactalis Group, which I joined in 2002. Could you describe your main duties in the company? As Supply Chain Manager, I optimise and organise the execution of finished product flows to customers. I therefore work as the interface between business and plants, carrying out a number of responsibilities:I manage the forecasts developed in tandem with the business side. I manage JLB service rates in order to measure customer satisfaction by getting order deadlines and quantities right, I work on optimising costs (transportation, inventory, production) and processes, and lastly, I manage orders. What skills do you think are needed for your job? My job requires very cross-disciplinary skills. You have to be rigorous, structured, pragmatic and methodical: simple things are the most effective! But you also have to know how to communicate, give meaning and coordinate information. Sometimes my job requires perseverance and the ability to step back and gain perspective.What do you like most about your job? I love having this interface role. I can be in contact with customers at supply meetings, when working on forecasts, and even occasionally when doing backups with Janys. I enjoy the general atmosphere at JLB. We all help each other out, and there is a good team spirit in this company.

Floriane BONNY, R&D engineer

Hello, Floriane. Could you please explain your job to us? Hi. I joined JLB in March 2016 as an R&D Engineer. I have several duties. First off, I develop recipes by choosing the ingredients and the amounts that need to be included to ensure product effectiveness. As regards product flavour, I develop the organoleptic side of formulas. I also source the raw materials and calculate the cost of formulas. I draft the technical data sheets for finished products, including regulatory and nutritional information. I also take care of industrial transposition by creating ERPs and production documents. Lastly, I support the plant during initial production runs and organise substituting raw materials for others if necessary. What skills do you think are necessary for your job? I’d say that my job requires project management skills. A lot of projects are effectively being run at the same time, so you need to be able to organise your time so that you respond to customer, quality and production requirements to the best of your abilities and as quickly as possible. You also need to be familiar with agri-food processes and have the scientific expertise necessary as regards nutrition, microbiology and regulations to ensure that products are legally compliant and safe for your health. Skills in sensory analysis are also needed to develop samples and finished products in line with customer and consumer expectations. At what stage, or stages, of the project are you in contact with the customer? I am in contact with the customer throughout the introduction of the formula via the sales department, which means from the starting brief right through to industrial transposition. I may also get in touch with customers when updating formulas if raw materials are substituted. What do you like most about your job? I love the diversity of the products worked on and developing numerous recipes for the health, wellness and sports markets. It is a dynamic profession that allows people to work in different environments: laboratories, offices and production facilities. At JLB, the team spirit and positive rapport between all employees means that there is a general good mood in the workplace, while still providing our expertise to our customers.

Janys DESCHENAUX, Sales Assistant

Hello, Janys. Could you please describe yourself in a few words? Hi. Yes, of course. I joined the JLB venture in March 2012 when I joined the Supply Chain Department working as a sales assistant and in sales administration. I am the link between plants and customers. This means that on a daily basis, I process customer orders and all their related requests, such as inventory, production progress, delivery, invoicing and all the information needed to guarantee customer satisfaction. Could you tell us which skills are essential for your work? My work requires organisation, responsiveness, good humour and the ability to make the explanations given to customers meaningful. What do you like most about your job? I like its hub position: I occupy the ground between customer contact and links with the factory.

Aude ROBERT, Project Manager

Hello, Aude. You are a project manager at JLB Développement. Could you describe JLB’s main mission to us? JLB is a health and sports nutrition product developer that provides full development services to its customers. Could you give us a brief description of the stages of a development project at JLB? It all starts with the customer, the entry point with whom we start by working on a product brief. Then we move on to the R&D stage in our laboratory with the formulation, sourcing ingredients and flavouring. We also manage the sourcing of packaging materials and monitor the industrial transposition right up until the finished product is manufactured. What do you think customers value the most about JLB? Throughout the entire development process, customers have a single point of contact. In addition, they benefit from a full service that includes all stages of product development. This saves time and improves quality. In my opinion, JLB’s strengths are its responsiveness, flexibility and innovation.

Pascal VIALARON, Director of Scientific Development

Hello, Pascal. You have quite some track record! Could you tell us exactly when you joined the JLB venture? Hi, my name is Pascal Vialaron, and I have been Director of Scientific Development at JLB Développementfor over 20 years. Since you know the company so well, what would you say characterises JLB Développement? JLB is a manufacturer of health and dietary products. We stand out from the rest because we offer a complete service to our customers. Our global approach is based on three pillars: ingredients, formulation and galenic forms. Could you please describe the three pillars to us in more detail The first pillar is ingredients. We are constantly on the lookout, and this means we are a source of recommendations with a catalogue listing over 1,000 raw materials. Formulation is the second pillar of this approach. Our customers value the personalised support they get from us. We develop specific formulas taking into account their regulatory and commercial constraints.Lastly, as regards galenic forms, we offer our customers a wide array of galenic options (liquid, semi-liquid, powder) and formats (pots, doypacks, sticks, bottles, vials, etc.). Thanks to this approach, JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT is recognised for supporting nutraceutical laboratories in their nutrition and health projects. It allows us to take a pragmatic and innovative approach when responding to customer requests.

Hortense DELESCLUSE, Customer Account Manager

Hello, Hortense. Could you explain your role at JLB? Hi. I joined JLB in January 2021 as a Customer Account Manager in the Sales Department. I specialise in sports nutrition projects. So, I have several duties : project management (I ensure that project development runs smoothly, starting from sharing the brief through to first delivery, and I coordinate the JLB internal departments (R&D, quality, industrial, supply)), providing packaging advice and sourcing that match customer projects and requirements, sales management (I ensure balanced project profitability for the customer and JLB). What skills are required for your job? My job mainly requires good organisation but also availability for customers, familiarity with the processes of the different parties involved in project development (R&D, packaging, industrial process) and numerical skills. What do you like most about your job? I love the versatility of the job, tracking a project from start to finish, the teamwork with all JLB departments (R&D, quality, supply, plants) and the supplier relationship (packaging). I also enjoy optimising account profitability. But what I love most is the customer relationship. I am the customer’s sole point of contact. I am therefore in contact with them whenever necessary – more specifically, for the key stages that need to be decided on with the customer : the recipe (organoleptic properties, the desired nutritional claims (rich in protein, source of vitamins, rich in minerals, no added sugar, etc.)), the desired health claims (organic, gluten-free, vegan, no doping substances, etc.), the packaging (format, recycled/recyclable, artwork, etc.), price, deadline for first delivery. And of course, customers always have other issues that they need support or reassurance with.Is there anything else you would like to share with us? At JLB, our aim is to develop the products that customers think up. As a Customer Account Manager, I am committed to ensuring that these projects are delivered under optimal conditions. I am interested and curious about each new project that customers come up with, and I am always receptive and ready to hear about new briefs.


So, now you know what goes on behind the scenes at JLB Développement. We will be delighted to help you with your most ambitious projects. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team!

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