Manufacturing of hydroalcoholic gel at your brand!

fabrication de gel hydroalcoolique

Blog - 05.18.2020

Manufacturing of hydroalcoholic gel at your brand!

A new disinfectant offer to contribute to barrier gestures

Following the Covid19 crisis, the healthcare market and laboratories are organising themselves to deal with this pandemic and protect their employees, patients and consumers.

Thanks to its know-how in the design of health and cosmetic products as well as its great reactivity, JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT launched the production of a hydroalcoholic gel solution to meet the initial internal demand of the Lactalis group.

This hydroalcoholic solution for cutaneous application meets the recommendations of Anses with 70% ethanol. This disinfectant solution thus benefits from bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties. It has been tested:

  • Active according to NF EN 12791: 3 ml / 1 min.
  • Active according to NF EN 1500: 2*3 ml / 60 seconds.
  • Active on Candida Albicans: 1 min contact time according to NF EN 1275.
  • Active on Hepatitis B and HIV: without protein, 1 min contact time and 2 min with protein.
  • Active on the influenza virus (responsible for avian flu) serotype A: H5N1, H7N1 in 15 seconds and H1N1 in 30 seconds according to standard EN14476.

The ethyl alcohol and glycerol-based formula has been filed with the Alliance 7 Professional Union.

Currently, the available container is a 100ml bottle, and we are studying the possibility of a 300ml and 500ml refill format.


Market your hydro-alcoholic solution under your own brand!

With this new industrial service, we also wish to meet the expectations of our BtoB market in disinfectant solutions. JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT is now offering its customers and players in the health market the opportunity to develop hydroalcoholic gel solutions under their own brand name.
Benefit from the speed of a turnkey product, and add only your own label for marketing!


Commercial information

  • ET bottle 100ml
  • Push-pull plug (resealable by simple pressure)
  • Grouping box x 8 vials
  • Branding with four-colour printed label (BAT file to be provided)
  • Degressive prices according to quantities ordered


Commercial information on 04 78 05 21 72, or email