10 Feb 2020 | JLB News

JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT shares its vision for 2020.

Benjamin Francq, CEO of JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT, shares his insight into the nutraceutical market and his vision for 2020.

Benjamin Francq, CEO of JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT, shares his insight into the nutraceutical market and his vision for 2020. There are numerous projects: sports nutrition, anti-doping certification, development of an eco-friendly packaging range, investment in industrial facilities and meeting the continuously growing expectations of laboratories and consumers for clean labels and sustainability.


What is your insight into the nutraceutical market?


The world market for dietary supplements is rapidly expanding. According to Natac Group, it is estimated at $120 billion with an annual growth of 6% in recent years. Competition is intensifying and brands need to be proactive, constantly reinventing themselves. Innovation lies at the heart of their strategy.


In addition, the market requires evidence of efficacy with a need for scientific evidence or clinical studies to prove it. As a result, the nutraceutical industry is reinventing itself and gaining strong scientific support.


In France, products relating to mood, stress and sleep remain an ever-growing sector, with more specialist formulas and increasingly elaborate promises that combine relaxation, pre-sleep and overall sleep quality.

A substantial development of the beauty sector is also evident. Cosmetic brands are increasingly focusing on nutricosmetics.

There is also the sports nutrition sector that is constantly reinventing itself. The market was previously focused on muscle building, whereas today’s brands are more innovative, focusing on recovery and endurance. The product range is increasingly specialising in “health” for a more holistic approach to the athlete: from mental performance to boosting motivation and preparing for competitions, as well as joint protection or even immune reinforcement and digestive comfort.

The sports nutrition sector remains the category for which we have developed the most innovations.


As for galenic, note a strong preference for the doypack sachet format. The single dose is also a popular format, whether for nutricosmetics or sports nutrition products.


Reinventing a product by combining naturalness and technicality is clearly an axis of development for this market.


What is the review for JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT in 2019?


2019 was a year rich in projects and launches of new products. We have acquired several new clients some of whom have trusted us to launch new brands. In addition, we have referenced almost a hundred new ingredients. Among them, proteins and BCAAs of plant-based sources, extracts rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, some of which have organic certification. This sourcing allows us to strengthen our expertise in advice and formulation.


We have also formed valuable partnerships, notably with Kaneka,   for the production of a Ubiquinol-based shot; or with our colleagues from Lactalis Ingrédients,    with whom we are working on innovative products in the sports sector.


Finally, we are very proud to have been awarded the ISO 22000 certification of our two industrial sites. This recognition attests to the conformity of our quality system, ensuring the health and safety of our products. It also reflects our ability to continuously improve our manufacturing processes and the quality of the products we produce.



What is your vision for JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT?


We strive to take our company even further in manufacturing excellence, both in terms of our products and the services that we provide for our different markets.

Today, in the face of competition, we wish more than ever to set ourselves apart through our ability to innovate and to create value on a daily basis: whether in the quality of the services we provide, in the sharing of our expertise, in our proactivity to provide solutions or to propose new ideas for design s or formulations, etc. These are all actions which enrich the customer experience and make JLB a true ally.


JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT is a profoundly human organisation. We favour a close relationship with our suppliers and customers, which is the key to our success. Sharing and transparency in day-to-day relationships are therefore essential. To remain at the heart of the market we plan to participate in events, international trade shows and congresses. JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT will be present at Nutraceuticals Europe in Madrid and at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, as well as other trade fairs throughout Europe that relate to our sector of activity .


As part of its CSR commitment, JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT actively invests in human capital. We fully support our employees in their development and in their daily fulfilment. To give an example, we encourage regular sports practice within our teams. Our corporate culture has always been focused on health and sports.


We will continue our commitment to quality in order to ensure safety throughout the manufacturing process.

Today, the AFNOR standard and the Informed Sport certification are two quality references that regulate the sports nutrition market. In order to comply with these two standards and to provide our clients the possibility of an “anti-doping” claim and/or to hold the Informed Sport label, we are elaborating a set of good development and manufacturing practices which aim to exclude doping substances from food supplements and foods for sportsmen and women. We wish to continue providing these guarantees which offer significant added value, particularly as regulatory changes may arise in this sector, supported by the French Ministry of Sport.


What are the challenges facing JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT this year?


Achieving the successful reconciliation of quality, naturalness and consumer satisfaction
Meeting the expectations of new demanding consumers directing our actions to achieve naturalness, practicality, and sustainability. It is uncommon nowadays to receive a request from a customer that does not include these expectations The “clean label” and “preservative-free” movements are asserting themselves and challenging our manufacturing processes.


Eco-friendly packaging
We wish to respond to this strong demand from our customers for more responsible, 100% recyclable, bio-sourced and compostable packaging… whilst maintaining a systematic guarantee of quality. But we still need to test the packaging of the finished product over time or ensure that the recycling and composting channels for the proposed materials are effective. Additionally, we need to ask the following question: how can practicality be brought to product usage when this is often made possible by overpackaging? New laws for waste management and the circular economy are being introduced. We are still in the early stages, but innovations in this area are constantly emerging. We must pursue our efforts in this direction to accompany this societal shift.


Identifying new sources of growth
JLB DÉVELOPPEMENT is working on two major axes which are those of innovation and new product typologies as well as the targeting of new markets. Our vision is to continue our export development and to promote our Made In France quality.


The perpetual renewal of the industrial facilities
In 2020, once again, new investments are planned at our production sites. Not only to prepare for the future, offer new solutions for our customers and increase our production capacity, but also to improve the quality of working life for our employees and ensure their safety on a day-to-day basis.

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