13 Jun 2019 | Marketing

Meal substitutes - a dynamic market undergoing a major revival

A dynamic market undergoing a major revival

Effectiveness – new targets emerging, creating new market segments… More than ever before, meal substitutes are leading the way in the health nutrition sector. Constantly mindful of the latest trends, JLB Développement will help you to innovate and develop your product ranges.
A study has confirmed the efficacy of meal substitutes
Meal substitutes have sometimes found it difficult to carve their niche in the highly competitive slimming sector. A study published by Alliance 7 and carried out over an 8-month period between June 2017 and January 2018, has just consolidated the position and credibility of these products. But what has rekindled industrial interest in this area?
Commissioned by the Syndicat Français de Nutrition Spécialisée (the French Specialist Nutrition Association), the study was carried out by the Biofortis laboratory in a sample cohort comprising 112 consumers. The results of this study prove the efficacy of meal substitutes across the board – weight loss, quality of the nutritional intake and consumer satisfaction.
As regards slimming, an average weight loss of 2.1 kg was recorded after a one-month course of treatment with an average decrease of 2.5% in BMI (body mass index).
The study also proved that meal substitutes do not pose any risk of deficiency for consumers. Indeed, a significant increase in protein, calcium and iron intake is offset by a substantial decrease in carbohydrates and lipids, with the consumption of greater energy-boosting foods and a stable fibre and magnesium intake.
Last but not least, extremely positive consumer feedback was recorded during this study. Concerns are often expressed in terms of satiety with this type of product, but this aspect was deemed satisfactory by 7 out of 10 consumers.
Going forward, the meal substitute market can now rely on a series of sound arguments to support its continued growth.
Link to the Alliance 7 website
A market characterised by innovation
After stagnating for a few years, the meal substitute market is now enjoying a period of sustained growth. It should be worth a staggering 22.6 billion dollars by 2022, i.e. a 50% increase compared to 2016.
Meal substitutes have been shaken up by the arrival of new products setting new targets. Consumers are keen to pursue a healthier, balanced diet in keeping with their increasingly nomadic lifestyles. New products have been created in an attempt to strike a difficult balance. The market can now bring fresh ideas and promises to the table: a wealth of nutrients, a natural approach, satiety and a nomadic lifestyle. This novel approach is often based on start-ups which sell their products directly on-line – a sales outlet channelled to a captive audience, namely young people, constantly on the move, who want to eat healthily and quickly.

JLB Development – your source of innovation
A manufacturer of healthy, nutritious foods, we are here to help you develop your new products essentially in the meal substitute sector.
We can offer you products with a wide variety of ingredients to satisfy the specific expectations of consumers of your brand or your range. In the case of the slimming and sport nutrition markets, we are developing and producing high-protein or low-calorie solutions and even full meals to complement an active lifestyle. We also use natural, organic or vegan ingredients in response to the latest expectations from the health and well-being markets.
Our range also includes several pharmaceutical-technical products (creams, liquid drinks or powders for dilution) in a number of different containers including bottles, jars and sachets, etc.
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