17 May 2021 | Marketing

Nutricosmetics : focusing on working from the inside outwards

In a world where appearance has become crucially important, many new products have appeared, some more innovative than others. The cosmetics market has continued its growth in recent years. However, taking care of your external appearance is no longer enough; a more holistic approach is now required. Already common practice in Asia, read our article to discover the world of nutricosmetics.

What are nutricosmetics?

The term “nutricosmetics” refers to dietary supplements designed to enhance beauty.

Today’s consumers attach paramount importance to their appearance; each individual’s aesthetics must be impeccable. This phenomenon has led to rapid growth in the traditional cosmetics market. Indeed, this market was estimated to be worth more than 483 billion Euros in 2019, according to Cosmetic Valley.

 Makeup, hygiene products and skin, hair and nail care are all the rage among consumers of all ages and types.

The majority of cosmetic products on the market offer mainly external action. Foundation, bronzers and moisturising creams are all products intended exclusively for external application on the skin, hair or nails to enhance, cleanse or pamper them. However, this approach is no longer enough. A more holistic approach is now envisaged.

Working from the inside outwards for a holistic action

Cosmetic action, usually performed exclusively topically, i.e. on the outside, is now being considered starting inside the body and working outwards. This internal action can be achieved by taking dietary supplements which act systemically after oral ingestion.

This action is based on the principles of pharmacodynamics. Pharmacodynamics is the science that deals with interactions between ligands, which here refer to nutricosmetics nutraceuticals, and receptors, the cell molecules responsible for intercepting ligands. Through interaction, nutricosmetics ligands and receptors induce biochemical reactions which result in an effect on the skin, hair or nails.

This principle is all the more interesting in dermatology because it corrects the problem at source, making it possible to treat all types of skin when the application of certain cosmetic products on irritated or damaged skin could exacerbate the condition.

JLB DEVELOPPEMENT’s tips for formulating your nutricosmetics products

Beauty ingredients

A good product must inevitably be made from good ingredients. JLB DEVELOPPEMENT offers its expertise to shed light on some key ingredients in nutricosmetics:

Several other ingredients are available.

Dosage formats for nutricosmetics

Obviously, we cannot talk about star ingredients without talking about the form in which they are presented!

Sticks, ampoules or soft capsules; several formats are available in nutricosmetics. However, the format you choose will differ according to your target.

Despite the huge diversification of nutricosmetic dosage formats, the capsule nevertheless remains the French population’s favourite.

In recent years, we have also seen the appearance of food gels and nutraceuticals in liquid form.

The presence of gummies is similarly on the increase. Taking these nutricosmetics, often with delicious flavours, would actually be more pleasant and compliance would be improved by supplementing the beneficial effects of the product with a taste experience.



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