We are driven to be responsive and flexible throughout
the whole process to respond to the ever changing market.

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We are driven to be responsive and flexible throughout the whole process to respond to the ever changing market.


Our added value

Innovation has always been at the core of our approach.

Because our aim is to help you always stay a step ahead in developing and refreshing your brand, we continually monitor and analyse food trends. On your behalf, we capture innovation from its earliest stirrings and work to anticipate market developments.

We tailor our services to the demands and requirements of each of our clients. To achieve this, we work with you on a partnership and co-design basis, offering you customised and «full service» solutions.

From recipe formulation which remains specific to each client, through to packaging development and post-production logistics management, you can rely on our scientific, marketing and industrial know-how.

Our added value

Our method.

01 - Intelligence

We seek out the source of innovation everywhere, in trade fairs, scientific reviews, research and online. We pinpoint and identify the faintest signals and emerging trends on the nutrition and health market.

02 - Analysis

Operating like a forecasting agency, we use in-depth curation to identify and interpret new trends in order to gain a better understanding of the food world of the future.

03 - Briefing

To provide you with inspiration and insight for your strategic vision, we regularly share the results of this approach with you especially, as well as on our blog.

04 - Forecast

We translate these explorations into an innovation approach. Our future-oriented research makes us a source of relevant and creative ideas to help you enhance your brand.

05 - Product design

We design product solutions whose formulation always remains specific to each client. Before production starts up, we provide samples in the form of pilot batches or industrial trials. Working with you, we select and develop the most appropriate container.

06 - production

The final stage, mass production of the product in our plants, includes the sourcing of raw materials, packaging and warehouse delivery.