JLB branches out into capsules

JLB se diverisfie sur les gélules

Blog - 04.20.2021

JLB branches out into capsules

Capsules are the favorite dosage form of the French people. 46% them prefer capsules to other forms. To meet this strong market demand, JLB DEVELOPPEMENT has invested in a capsule filling machine for the development of dry and powdered formulas.

Capsules: the dosage form preferred by the French

Dietary supplements are, by definition, foods intended to supplement a normal diet. They are exclusively for oral administration and are available in several dosage forms. Examples include capsules, soft capsules, tablets, ampoules, and supplements in powder or liquid forms.

Despite the current diversity of dosage forms and the arrival of increasingly innovative and practical formats, the capsule nevertheless remains the dosage form preferred by the French. A survey conducted by Phytolia, a French inter-professional umbrella association for all stakeholders in the health, well-being and beauty sector, effectively shows that 46% of the French population prefer to take their nutraceuticals in capsule form, and only 1 in 4 consumers prefers the tablet form.

Choosing the right capsules

The dosage form range on offer is extensive, but so too is the range of capsules. To make the right choice, you need to take several factors into account: consumers and their requirements, the target region and the distribution channel. By answering their questions, you can select the perfect capsule for your project:


  • capsule composition: whether animal or plant gelatine is used will depend on the cultural and religious factors in the country where the capsules are going to be marketed. Each capsule shell protects the contents specifically from the effects of heat, acidity, oxygen or humidity.
  • capsule colour: depends on the light sensitivity of the active ingredient used, the marketing segment and the consumer target.
  • certifications or labels: organic, halal, kosher, or plant-based are just a few of the labels you can use to help your dosage form stand out.

Innovation: JLB invests in a capsule filling machine

To meet this significant market demand, JLB DEVELOPPEMENT has decided to invest in a capsule filling machine. Indeed, JLB DEVELOPPEMENT aims primarily to meet the needs of its customers by offering them full support in the manufacture of their nutraceutical products, and this underpins the decision to widen their expertise in capsule manufacturing.

Our capsule production line will therefore start operating in September 2021.

JLB DEVELOPPEMENT is already positioning itself as an expert in powder blending in the processing market. With its double ribbon blending equipment, we dry-mix powders in our factory in the Drôme department, France.

And now, with its capsule filling machine, JLB DEVELOPPEMENT will be able to support its customers more fully in all of their projects by offering a more extensive and diversified portfolio of dosage form presentations. By extending its expertise to capsules, we will enable our customers to give their products the dosage form preferred by the French.

JLB DEVELOPPEMENT will be able to work with the same contact person on different ranges, thus offering full support that is as customised as ever.