06 May 2019 | Tech & Innovation

BEAUTY JUICE A shot concentrated in natural active ingredients to boost skin radiance

Raspberry & Passion fruit

“Beauty Juice” is a delicious shot made with fruit juice that helps to reduce wrinkles and premature aging. The shot will restructure the skin and will slow its aging process.
Because a cure is also pleasure !

By its components, phytoceramides Lipowheat™ and collagen, this shot has a double action!

Ceramides stimulate the cell activity and promote the synthesis of collagen naturally present in the dermis. This dual-activity in the dermis and epidermis allows to reduce visible aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines.

A uniform and luminous complexion!


Phytoceramides are part of the ceramide family which are present in all cells membranes. Ceramides guaranty cell cohesion and epidermis integrity for the skin.

“65% more hydration and a visible decrease in wrinkles by up to 22%”


Collagen is a protein naturally present in the connective tissue of our body, especially in our skin where it constitutes the dermis envelope. This protein guaranties a cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis in order to ensure a mechanical resistance during stretching.

By Jlb Développement.


Join us at Vitafoods exhibition, we will be at booth K69. You will have the opportunity to taste our “Beauty Juice”.



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